As an onboard engineer you will work with repairs, maintenance and similar on our vessels around Europe. Your performance in keeping our vessels fully operational is important to help the business run smoothly.


As an onboard engineer you will work with repairs, operation and maintenance on our, just over 40, vessels around Europe. You are a responsible person who can work independently, likes a good challenge and finds solutions to any problem. By keeping our vessels fully operational you have an important role in helping the business to run smoothly. You are a part of a team where the ability of cooperation is important. It requires you to be flexible, cooperative and able to take instructions.

The work is of a very varied nature as you perform service and maintenance on all conceivable equipment on board, such as diesel engines, control and regulation circuits, hydraulics, various electrical equipment and much more. A lot of the work is focused on preventive maintenance and you, together with the rest of the other technical organisation, contribute to develop and improve our maintenance processes.

The working hours are placed in a work shift of two weeks, with a corresponding leave thereafter. You will be on 24/7 call out duty to respond to any emergency requirements to troubleshoot and fix the problems in order to get the vessels back into operation as quickly as possible.


You are experienced to perform repairs, operation and maintenance of vessels. You have previous experience as an engineer, motorman or machinist in the merchant navy. You have electrical knowledge and skills as well as in aluminum welding. You can work independently and be responsible of your work.

At Northern Offshore Services you will be part of an international team, with English as the natural language for written and spoken communication.

The position is a travelling position and require travel within Europe.


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