Leading renewable energy provider, Ørsted is set to welcome new hybrid crew transfer vessels (CTVs) to assist with the construction at Hornsea Two offshore wind farm.

Ørsted Pressrelease “CTV’s are innovatively transformed in preparation for Hornsea Two construction”

26.01.2021 09:00

Ørsted has worked alongside Northern Offshore Services (N-O-S) to develop the innovative vessel which will take around four hours to travel to site, from their base at the port of Grimsby, on the east coast of the UK.

Jan Stilling, Lead Marine Specialist for Ørsted said: “The new CTV’s have incorporated large battery capacity that makes it possible to stay offshore overnight in hybrid mode meaning they’re not burning fuel for up to eight hours while the vessels keep their positions without anchoring or mooring to a buoy.

N-O-S will take delivery of their 39-meter “Energizer” in Spring 2021.

The batteries installed on the vessel can be recharged either by power surplus, the onboard generator or via a recharging buoy system that will be tested during the construction face of the wind farm.

The design has been created in preparation for implementing fuel-cell technology once suitable storage for the fuel types such as hydrogen or methanol has been developed for use onboard.

David Kristensson, Group CEO of Northern Offshore Services said: “I am grateful that N-O-S has been awarded the contract for supplying our CTV services to Ørsted during the construction of Hornsea Two. Energizer, the first CTV in our E-Class series, represents years of research and development and will provide the best possible performance during the most difficult sea conditions. In addition, I am very excited about our new hybrid solutions that will reduce both the fuel consumption as well as the emissions at sea. The Hornsea Two project represents the perfect start for our new vessel series.”

Scheduled for completion in 2022, Hornsea Two will become the world’s largest offshore wind farm, with a capacity to generate 1.4GW of clean energy, enough to power 1.3 million homes in the UK.

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