Northern Offshore Services has been expanding rapidly for the past ten years and has become one of the leading companies in the competitive offshore wind industry. The company’s niche is specialist shipping, with particular emphasis on crew transfer vessels, which is why the wind power industry is so important to us. Northern Offshore Services was one of the first companies to establish itself in this specific segment and currently offers a wide range of specially adapted vessels optimised for high performance and efficiency. Our fleet currently consists of just over 40 vessels.

Our company has a clear vision: BEST365. We also have strong values inspired by the shipping culture that permeates Donsö in the Gothenburg archipelago, where our owners have their roots. We are very proud of and influenced by our history, which features several generations of seafarers, entrepreneurs and businesspeople. Now, we are looking ahead and focused on growing and gaining market share.

We are very Passionate about shipping, business and development. Development leads to change, and change requires creativity. We have many creative People working with us, which has resulted in many innovative Solutions that have enabled us to meet our customers’ needs as well as our own. The combination of extremely creative people and a strong national organisation allows us to implement innovative solutions.

The years that we have spent building this business have been highly varied and have featured many ideas, solutions and plenty of hard work for us all. But above all it has been an incredibly fun time. We love it when something upsets the day-to-day. That’s what sparks creativity. At the same time, we like to be well organized as it fosters a feeling of stability and security. We feel that the future is bright, and we are convinced that the coming years will be just as interesting and full of development opportunities as the ones we have had so far. We are just getting started!

WhY Work at Nos

Real manouvering

It’s not just about moving a vessel from A-B. Onboard your skills are put to the test and you feel the direct movement of the vessel. Experience the sea in high speed. We only slow down in port.

Be a key figure

Become a real key figure in an industry that is continuously improving and developing. You are always the face of the company towards everyone you meet and with that comes great responsibility.

Explore the world

We are an international company in a global industry. Catch the opportunity to travel the world and discover new markets with us.

Make the future greener

Our main industry is within the renewable energy sector and we work for the offshore wind industry. Be a part of making the future greener.

Broaden your expertice

Make use of your knowledge by exploring different career paths within the company. Help build, design, create, develop and improve our own vessels or try what it’s like to work on land for a while. Your expertise is valuable and we all need to be a part of developing the company and the industry.

Great fellowship

We value the time around the table with a good cup of coffee and we enjoy each others company. We like festivities and love to celebrate.

Tor, Master, M/V Dispatcher

“N-O-S offers me challenges and an opportunity to develop my skills in technical manoeuvring of the vessel.”

I work as a master onboard the M/V Dispatcher. I’ve been working at N-O-S for two years and one of the best part of my job is that the workplace is both exiting and beautiful with its closeness to the sea and nature. I have chosen to work at N-O-S because N-O-S offers me challenges and an opportunity to develop my skills in technical manoeuvring of the vessel.

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Pontus, Mate, M/V Dispatcher

“The best thing with N-O-S is the fellowship among colleagues and to be able to experience for me unexplored parts of Europe”

I work as a mate onboard the M/V Dispatcher. This is my first year at N-O-S and the best things with N-O-S is the fellowship among colleagues and to be able to experience for me unexplored parts of Europe. I want to work within the shipping industry and develop as a seaman and that is why I work at N-O-S.

Open Positions


Management Trainee

Are you driven, analytical, and looking to fast-track your development early on in your career?


Master STCW II/3

Are you up for a challenge? Can you accually manouver a vessel in really high waves with fingertip feeling?


Mate STCW II/3

Are you service minded? And would you like to get some time behind the wheel? Small crew means all hands on deck. Let’s go!


Deck Hand STCW II/4

Are you an AB Seaman (STCW II/4) who is interested to work in the offshore wind industry? We are looking for Deck Hands.


Did not find the job for you?

At Northern Offshore Services we are always looking for talented people to join our team. Send in a spontaneous application today!