We are centered around safety and quality

We are proud of our HSSE-Q organisation, which we have been involved in developing from day one. Our entire business and our corporate culture are centered around safety and quality, which are prerequisites for everything functioning as it should. The aim is to prevent all work-related ill health and absence. Our Health & Safety Policy is integrated into the company’s overarching strategy, management, governance, planning and reporting.

Our employees are the most important aspect of our safety work. It is of the utmost importance that everyone understands the possible scenarios and risks associated with their work, and that they know how to work to manage these. We work actively to ensure that the routines we have implemented are followed and improved upon continuously.

All employees have assumed personal responsibility for working actively with risk assessment ahead of every task that they are faced with. This ensures that the work is carried out in the best possible way, both for the customer and for us.

Naturally, we comply with the requirements for ISO certification and ensure that our Safety Management System is in line with the applicable international standards/International Safety Management (ISM) system and Pollution Prevention.

We make every effort to ensure that we are able to integrate our systems with our customers’ systems and link systems where required. We always do whatever it takes to get the job done in the best possible way, both for our customers and our crew.

Let us know

We strive to maintain a transparent business climate and high business ethics and we value the safety and respect of everyone affected by our business. Through our whistleblower system, both employees and external parties can report suspected violations of law or business ethics.

Our trustworthiness and long-term success is built on our business principles, described in our Code of Conduct. You have an important role in raising your concern if you suspect a wrongdoing that is not in line with our Code of Conduct. This gives us the possibility to prevent or correct any improper activity. If you feel you cannot be open with your identity, you are welcome to report your suspicions in a secure manner by using our whistleblowing service. You can report anonymously. There are no reprisals due to reporting a violation. The service is managed by the external party Whistlelink. The service is available 24 hours a day.

Reports are handled confidentially by representatives at Northern Offshore Services. Access to messages received through the whistleblowing channel is restricted. The representatives decide if and how a whistleblowing report should be escalated. A summary of received whistleblowing reports is presented to the Board of Directors on an annual basis.

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OUR Personnel


We know how to operate vessels as efficiently as possible, for both ourselves and the customer. We consider our work a craft, where the sailors play an important role.

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