Delivery of M/V Runner and M/V Responder

Copenhagen, Denmark, January 2024 – Northern Offshore Services are happy to announce that they have taken delivery of the two newest additions to its fleet – the R-Class vessels M/V Runner and M/V Responder. The two sister vessels were constructed in Singapore at Penguin Shipyard during 2023 and are now ready for operation in Europe. The vessels will complement N-O-S’s fleet of crew transfer vessels (CTVs) as the next generation vessels, further strengthening the company’s position in the market. The R-Class vessels has a future proofed automation system, N-O-S Green Technology solutions, and a flexible engine configuration designed to only use the power that the current situation requires.

“We are grateful for the addition of the two new vessels to our already robust fleet. We have great confidence in M/V Runner and M/V Responder to complement our aggressive Green Technology initiatives. Thanks to all involved for making this delivery possible”, says David Kristensson, Group CEO of Northern Offshore Services.

Being a larger vessel, the R-Class will be able to handle the conditions faced on the existing and future windfarms. Due to the design of the vessels, the R-Class can stay offshore for longer periods, reducing the need to go back to port, saving both fuel and time for the clients. As the design is focused on technician and crew comfort, the vessels will be able to stay offshore during 24-hour operation.

With the R-Class, N-O-S in-house R&D department has created a reliable vessel, offering superior seakeeping, 180 degrees visibility, and light and carefully selected interior.


Vessel facts:

  • Length overall: 32 m
  • Beam: 10 m
  • 24 seats (prepared for 32 seats)
  • Forward deck area: 90 m²
  • Aft deck area: 24 m²
  • Efficient and effective hull shape
  • Excellent comfort and work environment for both crew and technicians
  • 180-degrees visibility
  • Flexible engine configuration


Media contact:
David Kristensson, Group CEO
+46 (0)761 80 80 01

Chartering contact:
Linda Höglund, Head of Sales
+46 (0)761 80 80 06