Next-generation N-O-S CTVs

Copenhagen, Denmark, April 24, 2023  

With a genuine aim for sustainable marine transportation, the new I-Class design is N-O-S’ Zero CO2-emission Crew Transfer Vessel and a guiding star that will lead the Offshore Wind Industry into the future. Built on Northern Offshore Services extensive experience designing CTV’s, the I-Class will be equipped with innovative Green Technology solutions that are flexible to meet future demands.

When transporting technicians, crew, and cargo to offshore wind farms, providing a comfortable, safe journey onboard the CTV is essential. In addition, the CTV has the ability to stay offshore. This demands endurance and workability to optimise wind farm operations.

The I-Class vessels will be equipped with the latest low emission engine technology and are capable to operate in hybrid or fully electrical mode when performing transit and docking.

“We are proud and thankful for the hard work of everyone involved in delivering our new, state-of-the-art, next-generation N-O-S CTV design. We have high expectations for the new series of vessels. At Northern Offshore Services, we set the standards and lead the way for a greener, more sustainable industry.”
David Kristensson, CEO of Northern Offshore Group.


Vessel details:
Seats: 32
Hull: Aluminium
Length o. a.: 34 m
Breadth: 11,20 m
Fender arrangements: N-O-S high-performance fender
Forward deck area: 131 m2
Aft deck area: 40 m2

About Northern Offshore Services:
Northern Offshore Services (N-O-S) is one of the leading providers of Crew Transfer Vessels (CTV) in the European market. N-O-S operates about 45 vessels, most of which are CTVs but include smaller tankers and other supply vessels. In addition, the company has a complete set of onshore technical and commercial management services in-house. N-O-S has offices located in Gothenburg (SE), Copenhagen (DK) and Norfolk (UK).
Northern Offshore Services is part of Northern Offshore Group, an entrepreneurial group of well-established, privately owned companies operating in various parts of the maritime industry. The Group has a clear vision and values rooted in the strong shipping culture and entrepreneurial spirit of Donsö, an island in Gothenburg’s southern archipelago in Sweden.

Media inquiries:
David Kristensson, CEO Northern Offshore Group

Chartering contact:
Fredrik Hallqvist, CCO Northern Offshore Services