Northern Offshore Services (N-O-S), has acquired two Crew Transfer Vessels (CTV) from Rix Shipping Ltd.

The two vessels RIX Lynx and RIX Leopard has been acquired by Northern Offshore Services and will now join the N-O-S fleet of 39 vessels. The vessels are being renamed to M/V Mover and M/V Maker and will be part of the M-Class series.

The M-Class series are 27 M high speed offshore support vessels, equipped with waterjets. The 2 x MAN engines combined with the Hamilton waterjets enables the M-Class with a speed of 27 knots. The vessels provide air suspended seats, including seatbelts and headrests for maximum safety for the passenger. The accommodation and bridge are fully air conditioned with all decks fitted with noise-deadening materials to reduce noise levels for a comfortable transfer environment. Crew accommodation onboard is available for 6 crew members.

“We are truly happy for this new addition to our fleet and believe that this acquisition will gain our customers and enable us to offer an even more versatile fleet to the market. We are always striving to deliver the best services to our customers and be the front runner in the industry. Times are tough right now but it will not stop us from developing, investing and pushing towards the future,” said David Kristensson at Northern Offshore Services.

In addition to the two M-Class vessels Northern Offshore Services is also presenting the new T-class M/V Traveller to the market and is planned for delivery during April. The vessel is a rebuild/upgrade from the previous A-class vessel M/V Assister and is extended to 26 M and has been given completely new propulsion facilities as well as being transformed from 12 to 24 PAX. N-O-S is also building the completely new E-class Energizer which is planned for delivery beginning of 2021.

About Northern Offshore Services
Northern Offshore Services is today a leading provider of CTV’s in the European market. Northern Offshore Group operates about 65 vessels in which most are CTV’s and has a complete set of onshore technical and commercial management services inhouse. The Group’s head office is located in Gothenburg, Sweden with branch offices in Hamburg, Copenhagen, Lowestoft and Conwy.

Northern Offshore Services is part of Northern Offshore Group. The group is driven by entrepreneurship and consists of several well-established, privately owned companies that operate in various parts in the marine industry. The group has a clear vision and values rooted in the strong shipping culture and entrepreneurial spirit of Donsö, an island in Gothenburg’s southern archipelago, in Sweden.

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