We like to get the whole family together!
Assister, Builder, Carrier and Developer were a huge success when put to work together in the same park!

It is not unusual to see close to ten sister vessels lined up at the same quay at sunrise, ready to take on the day’s challenges.
One of our many successful projects involved combining no fewer than four of our vessel types in one park. With a dedicated contact on site, the work was planned through close dialogue with the customer and became more time- and cost-efficient as a result.

We always collaborate closely with our customers to help them reach their goals, overcome their challenges and see the opportunities that exist out at sea. As one of the first specialised operators in Europe in our field, we have the knowledge, the vessels and the equipment required to perform a wide range of tasks. We are able to move from one project to the next quickly and smoothly. Our vessels are rarely idle and often take on a new contract right off the back of another.